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The company in the production of Corona nearly two decades of professional experience, both in production and installation and maintenance, etc. We are at the forefront of the industry, as the industry leader, we always adhere to customer-centric thinking, from a customers to solve production problems as a starting point, to enable customers to maximize the use of the least expensive and the value of responsibility, the company produces reliable corona machine quality, low internal losses, durable, enjoyed a high reputation in the industry, the maximum processing power up to 40kw , maximum processing width up 8m, maximum line speed up processing 500m/min, can handle various kinds of plastic film and metal foil, can be installed in the location you need, the company to provide customers with the highest quality products and the most complete service, for all the products of totally free repair within one year (regardless of distance, technicians will arrive within two days after the declaration of failure) to help you out, because your machine to reduce the economic losses incurred.

To help customers solve more problems on the printing industry, we are also agents of the following companies products: (1) United Kingdom TECTONIC (Tai): PC camera surveillance systems and high-precision machine quickly installed version; (2) British FRASER static eliminator: 1250 3850 static bar and ion Storm; (3) Italy UV RAY Company: UV curing systems; (4) British YILEDMAX company: Blue polar remove dust rolls.

I believe in our professional skills, rich experience, perfect service will be able to solve your problem.

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